Tutorial: SN95 Mustang Quick Release Bumper with Quarter-Turn Fasteners

Posted a few pics a while ago and meant to do a write-up, but never got around to it. This is a really easy and useful mod, all the holes are already drilled out you just need to bore them larger. Also, this still maintains the two nuts on the inside of each side of the bumper. If you want to replace them with quarter turn fasteners its pretty easy, I didn’t just for looks and its not hard to undo four nuts with an electric ratchet.

All you need:
Self ejecting fasteners (Summit racing part number SUM-G1620)
Weld plates (Summit racing part number SUM-G1626)
1/8″ or 3/16″ rivets

Total price: $35

There are 8 total attachment points. Two on the top center in the engine bay, two per side on the inner fender, and two on the bottom to the lower radiator support.


Drill out the stock plastic fasteners, then bore the hole out to 1/2″. Then drill two holes for your rivets in the plates and the upper grill, line everything up, and rivet the weld plate to the underside of the upper grill.

Bore out existing fasteners holes, a countersink also helps the dzus fastener sit flush. The existing holes in the fender should be fine to use, same deal as with the top. Drill out holes for rivets and then rivet to line everything up.

I don’t have any pictures of the bottom, but there’s two tabs there already, you just need to do the same bore/drill/rivet thing as with the top and sides. Any other questions let me know!

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