S550 14″ Brakes on SN95 2001 Mustang GT

People have been asking about putting 2015 brakes on the SN95, so I thought I’d just go for it. Here’s the best part:

Total cost was under $1000!



Required hardware:
S550 Calipers – $100 each (+$50 core)
Rotors (2x): Blanks $60 ea from an auto parts store, slotted $100 ea from StopTech.
FTR Brembo Kit – $350
Stainless Brake Lines – $95
Pads (currently only available from Ford) ~$100
Caliper Pin Kit (2x) – ~$12

Total cost: $889!

First off, I started with our GT500 Brembo Adapter Kit (http://www.fullytorquedracing.com/sn…brake-kit.html). The S550 calipers use the same mounting pattern as S197 brakes, but there are some clearance issues so we had to machine down a section to get it to clear the bracket. The only other modification we made was to add a 1/8″ washer between the bracket and the spindle so everything would line up.

There was a fair bit (maybe took an extra 30 min) of modifying to the caliper, so I’m thinking we’ll probably come out with a bracket specifically for the S550 calipers if there’s enough interest.

The S550 Caliper is a bit larger than the GT500 Brembo, and also has larger pistons as you see here.


S550 Caliper
S550 Caliper
S550 Caliper Piston Size
S550 Caliper Piston Size
GT500 Brembo Piston Size
GT500 Brembo Piston Size
GT500 Brembo vs S550 Caliper
GT500 Brembo vs S550 Caliper
S550 14 Inch Brakes on SN95
S550 14 Inch Brakes on SN95

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5 thoughts on “S550 14″ Brakes on SN95 2001 Mustang GT

  1. Brandt Munson Reply

    Are you guys possibly working on the s550 15 inch brembos for the sn95? If so that will be my next upgrade. Also cooling brake ducts should be added to your lineup of parts to make. They are super simple but require someone who can weld aluminum since that is the best material to use.

  2. J Reply

    Let’s get a 99/04 IRS adapter made for some big brakes back there with parking brake!

  3. Hendri Reply

    I would buy this setup as a kit, with the calipers already pre milled, etc.
    My new motor is producing over 900hp in my terminator cobra and I NEED better brakes..

  4. Joey Reply

    That is such A nasty Idea just ABSOLUTELY love this idea. And the power you pushin over 900 thats Pretty S.I.C.K. I JUST LIKE IT BUT I AM GONNA TRY an stick with originality and for that I can only go with ONLY one Brand Named Stang in and that would Be the BEST ONE THE NOTCHBACK-STYLE.


    Any update on the s550 bracket ?

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