How to Measure Splitter Rod Length

The number one question we get asked about our splitter rods is “what length rods do I need for my car?”. Since there is such a range of makes and models that we serve, plus plenty of different styles of splitters, it’s hard for us to say on our end what the perfect length is. Hopefully this blog post will be of some use!

How is splitter rod length measured?

First of all, our splitter rods are measured from mount to mount. For example, our 9.25-11″ rods have a 6″ barrel, are 7.65″ eye-to-eye, and the mounting points are 9.25″ apart from each other. Here’s a handy chart:

Product SKUMin LengthMax LengthBarrel LengthEye to Eye

While the rods have a range of 1.75″, we recommend that your final length be towards the lower end of this range so that you have maximum thread engagement.

How do I order custom lengths?

If you opt to order custom rods, we base everything off of the overall length. In the custom splitter rod order box, specify your minimum length, or the length range you need.

The simplest way to measure for custom rods is to just hold a string from one mount hole to the other, and then subtract 1/2″ from that length so you have a bit of thread exposed for adjustment. Use this length as your minimum.

For example, if you measure 11″ on your string, you would want to order 10.5-12.25″ rods.

If your measurement is taken eye to eye, just write a note like “10.5 eye to eye”. We’ll take this as your minimum adjustment, so you would get a 12.1-13.85″ overall length set of rods with 8.85″ barrels.

Accounting for extreme angles

In some cases, the ends of the support rods will be at a 90 degree angle. If this is the case for your setup, please keep in mind that the distance between the pivot point and the mount face is 0.8″, so you can factor that loss of length because of angle into what you order.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this helps. You can view a PDF version of our splitter rod length reference here:

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