Splitter Rod Hardware Length Guide

We offer a handful of different hardware options for our splitter rods.

Splitter ThicknessRiserBolt LengthSKU
1/8 to 1/4None3/4″Type A
1/4 to 3/8None7/8″Type B
3/8 to 1/2None1″Type C
1/8 to 1/4
3/4″1 1/2″3/4″ Riser Type A
1/4 to 3/83/4″1 5/8″3/4″ Riser Type B
3/8 to 1/23/4″1 3/4″3/4″ Riser Type C
1/8 to 1/41.25″2″1.25″ Riser Type A
1/4 to 3/81.25″2 1/8″1.25″ Riser Type B
3/8 to 1/21.25″2 1/4″1.25″ Riser Type C

Diffuser Prototype

We’ve been working hard, the night before our Grand Opening, Andrew stopped by the shop and we installed the first prototype FTR diffuser on his car. We worked together with Wicked Motorsports to bring Rob’s signature design back to the market, along with some new modifications.